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Interchain and the importance of a validator node

Interchain ecosystem is revolutionising the blockchain space by offering a scalable and interoperable environment of specialised networks. As in any other blockchain system at the heart of the machinery are the validators, those nodes essential for maintaining the security, consensus and governance of the chain. What is the main role of a validator in the Interchain ecosystem, what are the main responsibilities and benefits of validator nodes in the network.

Blockchain security

Block validation ensures that only legitimate transactions are added to the chain, making it a key issue in the security of Interchain chains. Validators use their computing power and their participation in the Tendermint consensus protocol to achieve network consensus.

Consensus and data availability

Validators are responsible for maintaining network consensus and enabling data availability through their permanently online nodes. Through their uptime they enable the smooth functioning of the chain.


Another activity that involves validators is active participation in the governance of the blockchain, through their own and delegated voting power, they are also responsible for communicating with the community and passing on blockchain decisions. Governance proposals are necessary for different key tasks in the network such as protocol updates, allocation of funds, and ultimately the development of the blockchain community.

Staking and rewards

Participation in the network as a validator is conditional on the staking of a certain number of native tokens. Through the proof of stake, validators demonstrate their commitment to the security of the network and in return receive incentives.

Reputation and trust

Interchain ecosystem validators gain trust within the community by building a reputation. It is essential to build a solid reputation to increase your chances of being selected by delegators and attract greater participation. To do so, they must maintain a proven track record of reliability, security, good intentions, and a commitment to the blockchain project.

Ultimately, the reputation of a blockchain depends to a large extent on its validators, since as we see much of the security of the chain rests with them and they are a fundamental part of building the community.

Building blockchain

Validators are an integral part of the Interchain ecosystem, contributing to the growth and development of a blockchain ecosystem, ensuring the security, consensus and governance of the network. Their role in validating transactions, participating in consensus protocols and making governance decisions helps maintain the integrity and stability of the network. By actively participating as a validator, individuals can contribute to the growth and success of Interchain, while being rewarded for their efforts.