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Delegation program

The delegation program is a program by Empower aimed to incentivize validators to provide value to EmpowerChain.

Empower will be delegating tokens from different parts of the genesis distribution to validators that provide value to the network.

The exact amount of tokens to be delegated is still being discussed, but it will be a significant amount.

Disclaimer: The program in its entirety can be changed at any time by the Empower team, including the amount of tokens to be delegated, the validators to be delegated to, and the criteria for delegation. This is simply so that we can quickly adapt to the needs of the network. We don't expect our initial criteria to be perfect, and we need to be able to adapt quickly so the network is benefiting from the delegation program as much as possible.

Empower might also delegate separately from the delegation program to strategic partners, but this will be done on a case-by-case basis.


Any validator that might want to apply for the delegation program need to meet the following criteria:

  • Max commission of 10%
  • Not a centralized exchange or custodial platform of any sort.
  • Keep secure infrastructure and decent up-time (minimum 95%)
  • Must vote on all proposals

If a validator at any time fails to meet any of these criteria, they will be removed from the delegation program with immediate effect.

Delegation distribution

The weights are very preliminary, and will be adjusted before mainnet launch.

Deploying someone else's block explorerE.g. Ping0.5
Deploying your own block explorerThis will weigh heavier than an off-the-shelf explorer (because diversity)2
Provide node RPC0.5
Provide node API0.5
Provide relaying service2
Provide snapshots2
Provide bots and/or other toolingTalk to us to find out if we need something or not. Also, depending on the tooling, might go under wildcard.2
Provide an archive node2
Make small code contributionsBigger contributions will go under wildcard and be well rewarded2
Make small documentation contributionsBigger contributions will go under wildcard and be well rewarded1
Social media promotionMinimum 1 time per month1
ResponsivenessHard to quantify, but we will try to clarify decisions here2
WildcardWe will set the weight on a case-by-case basis and based on our own discretion (but documented and explained why)X
Willingness to run testnet node after incentivized testnet is over1

Each criterion will be weighted differently, and the weights will be adjusted over time to ensure that the delegation program is providing the most value to the network.

The exact weights will be decided by the Empower team, and will be announced at a later point.

How to apply

A form will be provided to validators later in the testnet phase.

Being in the active set during the testnet is not really relevant to the delegation program (so please don't worry about that)