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The current roadmap is currently split in three phases:

  1. launch with plastic credits (summer 2023)
  2. deposit schemes & deposit app (second half of 2023)
  3. traceability with privacy (2024)

1. Launch with plastic credits

The mainnet launch phase lasts until the mainnet has been launched and a little into the summer (to fine-tune features and fix bugs).

We plan to launch EmpowerChain, with the first modules being Proof of Existence, the Plastic Credit NFTs (PCRDs), Plastic Credit Registry and the Plastic Credit Marketplace. There will also be a DEX and other value adding 3rd party applications that enhance the utility of the chain.

We are starting with the Plastic Credits, even though "chronologically" they are the second step in a supply chain, because, without them, there is a lack of incentives for collection schemes to work at scale and a functional waste collection systems need trusted and transparent collection points and materials flows.

In this phase we are focused on the following:

  • Plastic credits core protocol
  • Plastic credits marketplace
  • Governance setup
  • Proof of existence initial use cases

2. Deposit schemes & deposit app

After the mainnet launch, the work starts to get the collection incentive schemes developed and tested, together with the deposit app. During phase 4, we will begin rolling out the collection incentive schemes with different levels of functionality to get it out and battle-tested as quickly as possible. Empower is working with organizations worldwide and with tens of millions of potential users in the already established networks. The aim is to bring incentives and a portal to decentralized finance to at least 100 million people by 2025.

In this phase we are focused on the following:

  • Deposit schemes
  • Deposit app
  • Set up further infrastructure for cross-chain collaboration

3. Traceability with privacy

After the release of the initial modules, the current plan is to focus on traceability and adding value to collection incentives and plastic credits through access to products, services, and liquidity.

This phase is right now the most uncertain one. Its contents might change, depending on market and user feedback. It is also dependent on technological (privacy in particular) developments in the space.