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Deposit Schemes: High level overview ‚Äč

Deposit schemes is an upcoming module on EmpowerChain which will allow for anyone to create incentive schemes for collection of waste materials or products. The module will be highly customizable and will allow for the creation of deposit schemes for a wide range of use cases.

The general concept is fairly simple: someone who wants to incentivize collection of waste materials or products can create a deposit scheme. They provide some form of incentive, or reward, which is deployed to a smart contract on EmpowerChain. The smart contract contains the rules for the deposit scheme, and the reward is distributed according to these rules.

Deposit scheme
Deposit scheme

More concrete information and examples will be added to this section as the module is developed.

For the time being Empower is piloting and testing different deposit schemes in the real world, and will use the experience and feedback from these pilots to inform the development of the deposit schemes module.