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Why build on EmpowerChain ‚Äč

EmpowerChain is a decentralized application platform focused on the circular economy, recycling, and waste management. There are no absolute limits to what you can build on EmpowerChain. Still, the initial goals are to develop tools and applications that either leverage core applications (like marketplaces, DeFi, etc.) or create new applications that help solve circular economy problems.

There are many places to build, so what makes EmpowerChain worth building on? Mainly, the reason is to get the best place to build circular economy applications. These applications are not always easy to build, but that is also precisely why they are worth building (if they were easy, anybody could do it).

Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to leverage the users base of EmpowerChain
  • The ability to leverage the existing applications of EmpowerChain
  • Building on a platform that is focused on solving the problems of circular economy and is backed and supported by a company that concentrates entirely on this
  • Building alongside like-minded people
  • Fee and revenue sharing
  • Grant programs

The exact details of all these are being worked out, but we will share more information as we go. We want to build out these details with you so please reach out to chat.

There are some pre-testnet challenges on our website you can take a look at:

See the next section on what to build on EmpowerChain for more ideas.